Positive leadership


By definition, a leader is a person we follow not because we have to, but because we want to.
Leader in the work environment must offer a vision and his human and professional quality, he must be able to build strong relationships,
which will enable him to motivate and strengthen their commitment and to ensure that people deliver the performance they need.
Building a leader's qualities is a lifelong journey. In this course you will get a good start, quality orientation and practical tools.

What you will try in practice

What is the difference between internal and external motivation (we will experience it for ourselves).
How to set inner motivation within yourself.
Self-coaching and conducting a coaching interview with a colleague.
How to provide constructive feedback.
Exercises for working with stress and load.

  • Choose a workshop or give us your own requirements for individual training
  • Take advantage of the experience and talent of our psychologists and coaches
  • Improve your soft skills

Course content

Who is a leader? Leader definition and input mapping

Together we define what the leader should be, what he should be able to do / do (what we want from our boss).
Let's look at what our starting position is at the moment (how much of these qualities I have myself).

What about motivation today (what works / doesn't work)

Together we will examine the difference between external and internal motivation (push versus pull) and how to reconcile them; what consists of inner motivation, how to awaken it in oneself and in others (how to strengthen people to do things not because they have to, but because they want to), levels of engagement.

Realms of Influence

We will learn to distinguish between what we can / cannot influence and direct our energy effectively;
how and why to expand the sphere of influence.

Coaching as a tool for people management, energy and team development

Let's talk about what coaching is and what is the most valuable thing I can use as a leader in my practice every day.
We will explore 2 key skills: asking open-ended questions and really listening.
You will get a simple tool so that you can practice the coaching approach immediately.

Creating a safe space for learning and development - constructive feedback

We will show how people learn and why feedback is critical.
We will tell each other and try to provide feedback in a constructive way and at the right level. And how to ask for feedback for yourself.

The essence of communication skills for leading people

The most important of communication skills in simple essence - openness, constructive approach and assertiveness.
Why manipulation is not part of leadership and how do I know that I am manipulating or being manipulated.

How to overcome obstacles and maintain good performance in the long run, work with stress, balance

We will take in account your personal balance, get a practical tool and inspiration for working with stress.

Looking back and feedback

We will summarise key information, see if we have succeeded in fulfilling the purpose of the course, and share feedback.




7 hours

Maximum 8

9 990kč plus VAT

Price includes snacks, tea, coffee and refreshments!


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