Learn to stand up for yourself, not be pushed into a corner and manage even difficult communication situations constructively. You will learn how to respond to criticism and manipulation, how to stay strong in all circumstances and not fall into aggression, how to build quality relationships with people around you.

Assertiveness is sometimes misinterpreted as the ability to win and assert oneself at the expense of others. This is not the assertiveness you will learn in our course.

In its true conception, assertiveness means building a balanced respect for oneself and other people, open and direct communication, liberation from coercion and manipulation, brings better results, better relationships and a better feeling that one has from oneself and from interaction with others.

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Course content

Introduction, course settings and expectations, input mapping

We will get acquainted, we will agree on setting the rules and each of the participants will define what difficult situations they are facing and what they would like to take away from the course for themselves.

What is assertiveness - basic orientation

We will get acquainted with 3 basic communication styles (aggressive, passive, assertive), characterise key features and clearly name the impacts of each style. For example, what will it do to another person when (inconspicuously) I teach, reproach, or retreat. We learn to recognise not only clear features, but also inconspicuous manifestations, and we increase our sensitivity to what kind of mindset we are in.

Our body as a helper

We will explore how our body can help us maintain self-confidence, strength in communication, especially in stressful situations - very practical tips for coping with difficult situations and for everyday life.

Assertive listening

We will learn and try on a number of practical examples:

Basic technique for everyday assertive communication (4 simple steps)
Advanced techniques:
How to say "NO" without guilt
How to handle criticism
How to avoid manipulation

How to keep enough energy for all this

When we are tired, we tend to switch to survival mode very quickly and fall into our old patterns. The chances that we will consciously use assertive techniques are diminishing.

That is why taking care of our own energy is critical. We will learn practical tips for working with energy and long-term self-care.

Looking back and feedback

We will summarise key information, see if we have succeeded in fulfilling the purpose of the course, and share feedback.




7 hours

Maximum 8

9 990kč plus VAT

Price includes snacks, tea, coffee and refreshments!

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