Effective communication


The main topic of the course is managing difficult situations in communication. Everything takes place in the form of an interactive workshop, where we combine current scientific knowledge, model situations, simulation games and coaching facilitation techniques for transfer to a specific environment. We will take you straight to the event and you will also try everything you learn! This allows you to improve your communication skills in a safe space and get the unexpected out of you. In addition, you will enjoy everything ..

Course objective

Learn to communicate effectively in difficult situations.

The course is suitable for anyone who wants to embark on a journey of improving their communication skills in any field and level of life.

  • Choose a workshop, or give us your own requirements for individual trainings.
  • Take advantage of the experience and talent of our psychologists and coaches.
  • Improve your soft skills


Introduction, course settings and expectations, input mapping

We will get acquainted, we will agree on setting the rules and each of the participants will define what their current level of effective communication is and what they would like to take away from the course for themselves.

Pillars of effective communication

For communication to be effective, it must be: open, constructive and assertive. Using examples and exercises, we will explore and anchor all 3. Only on this basis can we build additional skills and techniques.

Quality listening

Assumption is the first step to error. We will learn how to conduct a conversation as a recipient of information so that the content of the message is not distorted or lost.

Effective expression

We will learn the basic technique (4P), which meets the requirements of effective communication: it is open, constructive and assertive. With these 4 steps, you will significantly increase your chances of success in everyday communication situations.

Additional communication skills

The essence of negotiation (how to get an overview and move towards a really good agreement).
How to ask questions correctly and limit assumptions in communication.
Non-verbal communication in practice.
Constructive feedback - how to provide feedback, how to receive feedback.
How to handle criticism and manipulation.

Looking back and feedback

We will summarise key information, see if we have succeeded in fulfilling the purpose of the course, and share feedback.




7 hours

Maximum 8

9 990kč plus VAT

Price includes snacks, tea, coffee and refreshments!


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