Individual lessons


One-to-one tuition is the most reliable and fastest way to improve your language skills. You have a lecturer for yourself throughout the teaching period and therefore focus is only on your needs, interests and shortcomings. Our tutors fully adapt to all individual requirements, time possibilities, the idea of teaching and the pace of study.


Individual level and focus of the course
Own choice of textbook and lecturer
Faster progress
Time flexibility

We will compile a language course tailored to your requirements and do everything we can to start teaching you as soon as possible. Qualified and empathetic professionals will focus only on you.

  • Choose a course or give us your own teaching requirements.
  • Take advantage of the experience and talent of our lecturers.
  • Improve your language skills.

What can we help you with?

With the help of our tutors, you will quickly improve your language skills. We will help you prepare for a job interview, presentation in English or just practice the language with you and repeat it before a business trip or vacation abroad.

We also provide preparation for Cambridge exams, high school diplomas and entrance language exams.

Need to split the cost of tuition?

The price is influenced by several factors such as the lecturer, the place and intensity of teaching, the focus of the study, etc. In general, the prices for a 60-minute teaching unit start at CZK 400. But invite someone else to the lessons - a friend, friend or colleague and share the cost of teaching.

Where does the teaching take place?

Wherever you choose:
- At your home or work
- In our classroom
- Online

Do you want a Czech-speaking lecturer or a native speaker? We will leave the choice entirely to you.