Soft skills


We offer you more than just classic English language courses.
We also conduct soft skills workshops in English. So while you are learning new skills, you are also improving in a foreign language.

What exactly are "soft skills"?

Soft skills are abilities that consist of your attitude, personality traits, and behaviour. These skills affect how you fulfil your job role and how you communicate with other people. It is not enough to rely only on technical skills. Without soft skills, you will not be able to effectively adapt to the various factors and circumstances that affect your work and business. Learn to effectively manage your work responsibilities, develop meaningful relationships with colleagues and customers, and solve problems and difficult situations more effectively. The combination of soft and technical skills will ensure your long-term success.

  • Choose a workshop, or give us your own requirements for individual trainings.
  • Take advantage of the experience and talent of our psychologists and coaches.
  • Improve your soft skills

Our offer of courses and seminars

Effective communication - Learn to communicate effectively in difficult situations.

Positive leadership - Become a person we follow not because we have to, but because we want to.

Assertiveness  - Learn to stand up for yourself and not be pushed into a corner.

Presentation skills - Learn to engage listeners and keep their attention.

Mindfulness - Learn to calm your mind, reduce tension and concentrate better.