Presentation skills


Learn to prepare a professional presentation with a clear and well-arranged structure, engage listeners and keep their attention, and convey your message so that everyone can understand it. We will teach you to tame the fear and act confidently, prepare a modern and effective Power Point, work with questions and objections.

The work world is full of presentations, but few can prepare a really good presentation.
Become one of them and gain a competitive advantage.

We train presentation skills in Czech and English.
In its true conception, assertiveness means buildingbalanced respect for oneself and other people, open and direct communication, liberation from coercion and manipulation, brings better results, better relationships and a better feeling that one has from oneself and from interaction with others.

  • Choose a workshop or give us your own requirements for individual training
  • Take advantage of the experience and talent of our psychologists and coaches
  • Improve your soft skills

Course content

Introduction, course settings and expectations, input mapping

We will get acquainted, we will agree on setting the rules, each of the participants defines what their current level of presentation skills is and what they need to learn. This will help us to target the current needs of the group as much as possible.

A comprehensive guide to the preparation and implementation of the presentation, you will learn how to:

Precisely target the presentation and support its effectiveness
Create a clear and effective structure
Capture and retain attention
Work with questions, objections and disagreements
Act professionally and confidently
Prepare a really good Power Point
Strengthen clarity, simplicity and comprehensibility
Prepare supporting materials for yourself and for the participants
Coping with fear and nervousness

Intensive practical training

Course participants will try a group and individual presentation and get feedback on 3 levels:
video feedback, feedback from colleagues and from the lecturer.

Looking back and feedbacK

We will summarise key information, see if we have succeeded in fulfilling the purpose of the course, and share feedback.




7 hours

Maximum 8

9 990kč plus VAT

Price includes snacks, tea, coffee and refreshments!


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