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Business English - 1x week

Business English - 1x week
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1. Who leads the course

Native speaker from Great Britain

2. What will I learn in the course?

  • Communicate more effectively and fluently
  • Confidently attend meetings
  • Approach negotiations more diplomatically
  • React spontaneously in different situations
  • You will expand your range of professional vocabulary

3. How do I determine my language level?

4. Course schedule?

Business English will develop your English language skills for professional communication in small target groups. With realistic tasks and practice, you will gain confidence in presentations, participation in international meetings and other professional situations. You will expand your vocabulary with financial and economic terminology.

    Topics include:

  • Communication skills
  • Attendance at meetings and their management
  • Negotiations - persuasion, negotiation, compromises
  • Presentation - clear, effective structuring
  • Writing emails
  • Teleconferencing and telephoning
  • Networking
  • Grammatical accuracy and pronunciation accuracy