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Konverzace v angličtině - 1x týdně

Konverzace v angličtině - 1x týdně
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1. Kdo kurz povede?

Native speaker from Great Britain

2. Co se v kurzu naučím?

  • You will get rid of the fear of speaking
  • You will learn to express your thoughts and ideas
  • You will expand your vocabulary with new words, phrases and idioms
  • You will gain confidence in communicating with people and colleagues from abroad

3. Jak určím svoji jazykovou úroveň?

4. Harmonogram kurzu?

No grammar, theoretical explanations or practicing vocabulary. Only a real language conversation awaits you. Just what you need to overcome the fear of using language in everyday situations. It is not your poor knowledge of the language that hinders you in communication , but the fear of speaking. And we will remove it together in the conversation lessons. No worries, no stress and no embarrassment.